Sunshine, beautiful beaches, and bright lights are the first to come to mind when you think of Miami and its pastel landscape. The city’s essence was captured perfectly by Miami Vice, the iconic television show that captivated North American households throughout the 1980s. Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas were the ultimate trendsetters as detectives James “Sonny” Crockett and Ricardo “Rico” Tubbs. Miami Vice ushered in a new era of style, music, and culture. Especially with the legendary Wellcraft Scarab 38’KV and Ferrari Daytona Spyder. Miami Vice proved to be more than a television show. It was an essential building block which helped Miami achieve its status as one of the greatest cities in the world. Due to its immense popularity and success, David Martino has embarked on a journey to solidify Miami Vice’s iconic status.

Martino, a successful entrepreneur and visionary, founded Dreamstar Productions and Props to help fulfill his dream of preserving iconic movie props that forged a lasting impression with society. Martino recently added the Miami Vice Fast Boat to his vast collection, and its already proven to be a significant addition. Martino stems from an innovative and entrepreneurial family. His father, Larry Martino, was an accomplished fashion designer with renowned clients such as Judy Garland, Ann-Marget, and Eydie Gormé. Like his father, Martino possesses a creative gene, and he’s focussed on using the original boat to organize an official Miami Vice reunion.

The boat, along with the Daytona Spyder, recently returned to the public eye at the 75th annual International Miami Boat Show. Martino, joined by cast member Olivia Brown (Trudy), welcomed thousands of loyal fans at the boat show. The Miami Vice Fast Boat quickly rose to fame once again, garnering attention from numerous international and national media outlets. The Miami Vice Fast Boat, Daytona Spyder, and cast members are currently visiting events throughout Florida before the proposed Miami Vice reunion tentatively scheduled for November. Due to its iconic status and importance, Martino decided to make the Miami Vice Fast Boat accessible to the public, and the show’s many fans. Visit our Events page to see where the world’s most famous boat will be visiting next.


“I am one of the biggest fans of the TV hit series “Miami Vice”. The show still resonates through my bones. I just had to own the most Iconic Boat and car in the world, it was a big dream of mine. After 30 years the “Miami Vice” boat finally found it’s way back to its “original” home “Miami Marine Basin” where Miami Vice started.. What better place is there to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

I actually appeared in an episode of Miami Vice. Don couldn’t make it, so I stood in form him. I am just kidding, I was an extra on the set and it was a lot of fun. I still feel the electricity today that was so compelling back in the day.

It is my pleasure and excitement to the share this boat with the “fans” of “Miami Vice” and the rest of the world.


David Martino is currently in talks with the film commissioner of Miami. They are working on a Miami Vice Reunion event. David believes it is time for the original cast to give the avid fans of Miami Vice what they deserve. David is thinking live music, photo ops with the cast and a variety of attractions to entertain the fans. If anyone has the vision and strength to make this happen it is David Martino. Stay tuned for updates and details.